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Introduction to machining systems, conventional and nonconventional machining, machine tool elements, speed chart, standard feeds and cutting speeds, machining parameters, machining processes including turning, drilling, reaming, boring, broaching, shaping, planning, milling, and grinding, machining time, process sheet.

Introduction to advanced machining processes-Classifications of advanced machining processes-Theories and mechanisms of metal removal and surface formation-Control systems of machine tools-Design consideration-Wire cutting-Cutting using dies-Abrasive machining-Manufacturing of printed circuit boards using chemicals

This course considers topics in automation of machining processes and advanced machine tools including automatic and semiautomatic machine tools, CNC machine tools and machining centers, special machining processes and topics related to industry 4 and industry 5 concepts.

The course starts with an Introduction to engineering materials and manufacturing processes. Then course addresses Conventional machining processes, Nonconventional machining processes, Forming processes and finally 
Manufacturing Engineering Knowledge

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